Customers of Orderly Quarters


Home Owners

Whether you’re looking to make improvements to your existing home or building a new home, we have the products, services, ideas, and solutions to make your space work for you. If you’re working with a contractor, we can work with them to put your dreams together.



If you find yourself in a space that doesn’t have enough storage, or needs some modifications to fit your needs, we can provide you with quality storage solutions that you can take with you when you move and won’t breach your lease.


Business Owners / Home Office

To make money, you need to keep your business operating efficiently. We specialize in supplying solutions to small and home offices that fit your business. Custom and prefabricated systems are available.


Designers / Architects

Form, function, and style begin with you. We’d be happy to provide you with suggested solutions to make your project functional, practical, and appealing. Specifications and technical data is available upon request.


Professional Organizers

We can help you put your ideas into action. Make us part of your team. We’ll work with you to give your customers long lasting value and peace of mind.



We can help you close a sale by improving the utility of a home that needs help with small or inefficient storage areas. Call us about specials we offer agents in exchange for advertising.


Builders / Contractors

Make your homes stand out by using Orderly Quarters’ wide range of professionally installed organization solutions. We can meet with you or your client to discuss needs and then provide a customized design, materials, and professional installation. Most builders, once they’ve used Orderly Quarters, find that they can offer greater selection at a lower cost than doing it themselves. If you’re looking to dress out your latest luxury home or looking for economic alternatives to outdated closet systems, check us out; a quote costs you nothing. If you e-mail us your designs, we can provide you with a quote to help you win more bids. We have solutions for homes, apartments, elder care centers, dormitories, hotels, offices, businesses, remodels and more. All installations are done to strict manufacturer specifications; so you won’t have problems, call backs, or repairs to deal with. This is our full-time business, not a part-time endeavor, so we can be at your project when you need us. We’re insured and guarantee our work.