Common Questions

Q: Do you only do closets?

A: Absolutely not! Orderly Quarters offers solutions to organize most areas of your home and work. We can help you with your home office, laundry room, garage, basement, craft room, entry way, entertainment center, library or any place in your home that requires organization, better space utilization, or storage.

Q: How does the process work?

A: You can read about our process here

Q: Can’t I handle this project myself? It looks easy enough.

A: It can be a question that’s tough to answer. You should take into account your expectations, abilities, experience, time, passion for the project, inventory of tools, and financial situation. But be warned that the biggest mistake many make is to underestimate the cost, time, or effort required. Some kits marketed to do-it-yourselfers are sold on an advertised price and tend to hide the unsavory details. Retailers do everything they can to make it look easy, but in reality, you often encounter problems they don’t show in the studio shots. Hidden costs, unexpected occurrences, missing or damaged parts, confusing instructions, and installation errors will all add to the cost and frustration of the project.

Q: Can I save money by doing them myself?

A: The easiest way to answer this question is to ask, “what do people with a true knowledge of the industry do?” A substantial portion of Orderly Quarters’ business is serving contractors and home builders; they’ve come to the conclusion that they’ll get a better finished product at a more economical cost than trying to do it themselves. Typically we find that our basic systems are competitive with do it yourself kits; and our more elaborate systems aren’t even available to the DIY market. Ask one of our designers for a quote; they’re free and we have solutions for every budget. If you’re a determined DIY’er, the best projects to try to tackle on your own are ones that have a budget of $150 or less; this way, if it doesn’t turn out the way you had planned, your investment is limited. 

Q: How do your systems compare to the ones found at home discount centers and retailers?

A: An Orderly Quarters custom system is higher in quality, is customized for YOUR items, doesn’t skimp on materials and hardware, is made in the U.S., will last a lifetime, and often is the best value for your investment (You won’t find our systems on a curb during garbage collection days or being unloaded at a garage sale). Discounters often utilize paper laminated material which is thin and subject to peeling, wearing, and scratching; they choose their fasteners based on ease of use. Our closets use fasteners and techniques designed for strength and durability. You may have noticed that discounters often display their systems only in catalogs or high off the ground; this prevents the consumers from looking closely at the product and prevents damage from simple consumer traffic; they know that due to the size and complexity of the item, most people who are unhappy with the finished product, won’t make the effort dismantle and return it once installed.

Q: What are your organizational systems made of?

A: We offer solutions made from a variety of materials. For more information on the materials we choose, see our materials page. [Materials]

Q: I found a company that offers free installation, will you match this offer?

A: In reality, there is no such thing as free installation. An offer like that is an advertising trick.

Don’t be mislead by such promises; installers don’t work for free. Would you? We don’t use fast-talk, pressure, or gimmicks here. At Orderly Quarters, with most of our products, installation is included in our quoted price.

Q: Do you offer “materials only” if I’d like to do my own closets?

A: We do not. Our system is designed for the professional installer. But we do encourage you to compare our installed cost to the total true cost of a kit and you may come to the same conclusion that contractors do.

Q: My home has very basic closets. Do they need to be torn out or can additional storage capacity be added to them?

A: It really depends upon the material used, how they’re installed, and what you’d like your finished space to do. In some cases, especially if it was originally installed by Orderly Quarters, it can be incorporated into a new design. 

Q: My space is really messy. I’d be embarrassed to have it seen for ideas or a quote.

A: Don’t worry, we like messy areas…. it gives us more to work with and makes our solutions that much more substantial. Please realize that the problem likely isn’t you, it’s what you’ve been given to work with. Imagine how messy and disorganized your kitchen would be if you didn’t have drawers and cupboards? If all you had was one shelf all around the room, it would soon become a cluttered, time-wasting mess. You need areas that works with you to maintain order, not against you. We can help.

Q: How long will your installation take?

A: We do most of the preparation at the shop so that when we arrive, most everything is cut and ready for installation. Small projects may take a couple hours and larger ones often are completed in a day; newly constructed homes with many areas may take several days. When we schedule your installation date, we’ll give you an idea of what to expect. Our first priority is to install your system properly and professionally. If you have an appointment to keep, please let our installer know and we’ll work with you to keep you on schedule. 

Q: Do your systems mount on the wall or do they sit on the floor?

A: We offer wall mounted, floor mounted, and mixed systems. Home offices, pantries, and closet islands are usually floor mounted. Closets and garage storage will be configured to fit your unique application. We’ll want to consider your personal preferences, suitability to the rest of the home, budget and style when creating your design.

Q: Once a design is approved, how long before you install?

A: It can vary from a few days to several weeks depending on the type of solution chosen. Your designer will give you an idea of the prep time for the various solutions we offer.

Q: Do you take out old systems and paint before installing the new ones?

A: If you’re building a new home, the space is likely ready and waiting. If you’re remodeling, you’ll need a prepared space for your new system. Orderly Quarters offers three levels of service for our clients.

1. Ready: We do the install only. You take care of your own tear-out; patch and paint if you’d like. We’ll arrive to install your new organizational system. This is the most economical option.

2. Assist: We’ll remove your existing system and dispose of it for you. We’ll patch minor holes in the walls as needed and then install your new system.

3. Complete: We will empty the area of its contents. We’ll take out and dispose of the existing system. We’ll repair and repaint the area as needed and then install your new organizational system. Lastly, we’ll send in a professional organizer to place your articles into your new system.

Q: Do colored and woodgrain systems cost more than standard white?

A: Yes, typically wood grains and other colors cost approximately 15-25% more than white units. White is our most economical and popular color. Due to its popularity, we can purchase the stock in larger quantities; we pass these savings on to you. Woodgrain systems can also cost more because we have to cut our pieces based on the grain’s position thereby increasing the waste associated with the cut.

Q: Do you accept credit cards?

A: Yes, we accept all major credit cards via an on-line processor. We also take checks/cash. Checks are preferred.

Q: Do your units have backs?

A: In most cases, for systems that are against a wall, your wall acts as the back of the unit. Office systems or free-standing systems commonly have backs installed. If you prefer backs on your system, mention to your designer and we can add them for you.

Q: Do you have accessories for your organizational systems?

A: Definitely! Orderly Quarters has all the components necessary to make your space versatile and functional. See our accessory page for items we offer. [add link]

Q: Do you offer “Green” or “Eco- Friendly” solutions?

A: We do. [Green Products]

Q: Can you provide a reference list?

A: Yes, we’d be happy to provide a reference list of satisfied clients in your area and contractors that use Orderly Quarters.

Q: If I move can I take the system with me?

A: Some of the systems we supply may be movable. However, many clients find that custom systems often increase the value of their home when they are ready to sell. If you’d like advice or assistance with a move, please contact us.

Q: Will a closet storage system increase the value of my home?

A: Yes!  Improvements made to a home’s storage capacity will most certainly increase the value of your home.  If fact, according to a 2008 Better Homes and Gardens survey, the right amount and type of storage is listed as a home buyer’s number two priority; second only to an all-new kitchen.   The amount of value increase will depend on your location, neighborhood and your home.