Competition: One thing you learn when you get into this business is that you have a lot of competitors. Just do a quick search for closet organizers and you’ll get a million results. Granted, some of them are in Timbuktu, but there are plenty of companies near and far who are willing to provide you with some sort of closet system if you’ll give them your money. At Orderly Quarters, we know that not all companies are the same; in fact, we work hard to be different; to provide the little differences that make us stand apart from the competition.

Structure: Orderly Quarters is a family-owned business; not part of a franchise or some impersonal giant company. The owners, Lon and Darci, are involved in every project and know that every job is a reflection of their good name. We’re driven to satisfy customers, not parent companies, sales executives, quotas, or share holders. We’re large enough to give you the best selection and yet small enough to hear what you have to say. We’re large enough to be professional, yet small enough that we’re not forced to pass on huge overhead costs.

Advertising: Franchise and web based companies have large advertising budgets focused on dominating the web, yellow pages, and other advertising. Most of our business comes from word-of-mouth, which surprisingly, can be costly. The way we get this so called ìfreeî word-of-mouth advertising, is to put the money back into our systems, give the extra levels of service that matter, and make sure every customer is delighted with the project outcome. Be assured, that when you recommend us to your friends and family, we’ll do our very best to live up to your glowing portrayal.

Employees: We don’t use sub-contractors; so everyone you deal with will be a dedicated member of our team. All our designers and craftsmen believe in the same high standards we do; our team treats every customer and their property with care and respect. We do everything by the book and we never cut corners by using insufficient tools and equipment or low-grade materials.

Customers: We serve home-owners and contractors. If you’re an owner who’s having a home built and you’d like professional closets that meet your needs, please mention it to your builder; we can work with them. If you’re a home builder, adding professional organizational systems to your homes can make your homes stand out from the competition; effective doesn’t have to be expensive.

Future: We’re here for the long haul. We’ve seen our competition come and go, change their names, and change their focus. You can trust that Orderly Quarters will be here when you need us. By consistently providing some of the most spectacular systems, exceptional craftsmanship, sensible prices and personal service, we’ve established a wonderful rapport with our clientele…and we’re not going anywhere!